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VIP BODYGUARD was founded by David MINETTI, a former French Foreign Legion soldier who has been specialized and trained in the Military Special Protection Division.

All guards of VIP BODYGUARD are professionaly experienced security personnels and highly trained athletes.

Confidentiality and professionalism guaranteed.


Given its particular field of activity, as well as its international field of operations, VIP BODYGUARD sees itself duty-bound to operate always at the highest standards of honesty, integrity, openness and professionalism.

These values are incorporated into the framework of our basic principles, as are:
a respect for all applicable laws ; a refusal to interfere in the political arena ; the rejection of corruption in all its forms, whether public or private, active or passive ; the satisfaction of our clients ; unity of purpose within the company.


Our line of duty is to provide the best solution to your request, we do consider each case as specific and we will give you the appropriate answer to your problem.